PLEASE READ: Due to some products that are from China and some Other Countries, Not being allowed into the USA, because of the Coronavirus, this will cause some product to be out of stock, and there is nothing that our Distributor or we can do about this.

So please note if a product is ordered and it is out of stock, your order will be placed with my distributor, and will be shipped when back in stock, in fact All Back orders will be given priority and filled first, before all others.

But note; I do not have any control of when the product will ship to you.!
When it does ship, you will receive the tracking number from our website, and from PayPal by email.

Because of the suituation beyond our control, No Refunds will be processed. (NO REFUNDS)

Unless you order a product that has been Discontinued, and my website has not been notified of this, it may show as available, but since the updates to my website are not in real time, some items may be discontinued.

You will receive a full refund minus the PayPal Fee, as that is money, that I do not receive, and PayPal is no longer refunding this Fee, so to be Upfront and Honest with you, I will only Refund the money I received for your order.!

We are trying to get a new order of Huben K1's, but we have to make sure we can get them into the USA thru Customs, we will let you know if we can make this happen.!

For the RTI ARMS PRIEST, the NEW PROPHET will be in stock mid to late March or May 2020, they are not being blocked so far, so you may order a PROFIT Air Rifle and it will ship to you after it is tested for proper function, and shipped 2 or 3 Day Delivery not counting Sunday's.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.