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The Huben Hand Pumps Are In Stock while they last.!

Click on the Attachments Tab above, to Download the Huben Hand Pump Instructions Sheet pdf file.

The Huben Hand Pump, is designed to make filling up your PCP Air Rifle Tank Easier for Everyone, you don't have to weigh over 200 lbs., just to be able to fill up your Air Rifles air tank, Most Hand Pumps in the USA... Even at 180 bar / 2610 psi. is almost impossible for anyone under 225 lbs. to pump to 300 bar or more.

The Huben Hand Pump is designed to pump up to 350 bar / 5075 psi.
It is designed to be easily carried in a sling or back pack out in the field, try doing that with an electric Compressor...
The Huben Hand Pump, is able to pump from 180 bar or 2610 psi. to 350 bar or 5075 psi. with under 200 pumps, that is an average of 12.325 psi per full pump stroke.
( 14.5 psi. is equal to one atmosphear, or one bar. )

Notice: Please do not pump fast as you build up heat much faster and will wear out the O-Rings faster!
Pump in nice even strokes and pause for a couple of seconds at the Top and Bottom of the strokes as to maximize the air moved, so you do not waste your energy for nothing.

Please place one (1) drop of food grade silicone oil or 30 weight motor oil in the air intake hole in the center of the hand grip bar.


Huben Hand Pump Instructions.pdf (Huben_Hand_Pump_Instructions.pdf, 356 Kb) [Download]

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