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ALL PRIEST 2 AIR RIFLES: Includes a Carbon Fiber 580cc Air Tank, an Adjustable Regulator with two gauges, an Extended Butt Plate with Adjustable Hammer Spring, a 20 MOA Picatinny Rail and Hard Case.

Like the Original Priest,   The Priest 2 will deliver years of shooting pleasure!

The Priest Accessories: *** CLICK HERE ***

When designing the rifle we had compactness and lightness in mind. The Priest 2 measures 29” in length and weighs only 6.55 lbs with the bottle and 4.56 lbs without it. Because of the smart design, the bottle can be carried on your waist, connected with a very flexible high pressure hose to the rifle. It also has one of the lowest profile (6.18”), meaning the distance from rail to the bottom of the grip.

Straight Pull
Cocking handle allows you to quickly cock the rifle, because of the smartly designed and positioned cocking mechanism which is on the left front side of the rifle. This enables you to never remove your finger from the trigger. Straight pull speeds up your cocking action because all you need to do is pull the handle straight back and return it to its original position.

Hi-Cap Carbon Fiber Bottle with Regulator
The Priest comes with a 580cc bottle which has a working pressure of 300bar. On top of it it has a pressure regulator which is by default set to 150 bar. This combination allows us to make a whole lot of consistent shots.

Caliber: 4.5 (.177) 5.5 (.22) 6.35 (.25) 7.62 (.30)
Energy: 22 Ft Lbs .177/ 40 Ft Lbs .22/ 55 Ft Lbs .25 / 7O Ft Lbs .30
Air Capacity: 580 cc
Max Fill Pressure: 300 Bar
Bottle: Carbon Fiber Removable
Mag Capacity: 14 .177/ 12 .22/ 10 .25
Max Pellet Length in Magazine: 12mm
Max Pellet length single shot: 16mm
Shots per fill: TBD .177/ 110 .22/ 60 .25
Trigger: 2 Stage, Adjustable
Cocking System: Straight pull, left side for now.
Barrel CZ 18.897", 12 grooves 450 twist rate, choked on .25 caliber and 20" on the .177 and .22

Caliber Kits: Different caliber kits can be bought as an addition so you can easily change the caliber of your rifle
Regulator Pressure: Adjustable from 50 to 200 Bar
Trigger Safety: Yes
Rails: Picatinny Top 6.7" Long and Short Bottom
Pressure Gauge: On the bottle which shows how much pressure is in the bottle.
Total Length: 29.0"
Max Heigth: 6.18"
Bottle Diameter: 2.40157"
Weight w/bottle attached: 6.55 lbs
Weight w bottle off: 4.63 lbs
Charging type: Foster Quick Connect

Ambidextrous Mag:
Since the magazine is not centered, it can be inserted from both directions, so even if you are a lefty, the magazine is not in your way.

.177/ 14 shot
.22/ 12 shot
.25/ 10 shot
.30/ 7 shot

RTI ARMS "The Priest 2"
The Priest barrel change kit.
The kit includes:
Barrel Cap of correct Caliber
Pellet Pusher 

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